Siberian Larch is a highly versatile timber product and is a preferred choice for timber cladding by architects and self-builders. With a durability class 3, it has an anticipated service life of 20-30 years (untreated). The high resin content found in Siberian larch makes it one of the most durable softwoods in the world. Siberian larch trees grow very slowly and consequently the larch wood is extremely dense and strong when compared to other softwoods such as spruce and cedar. The density of Siberian Larch is 590 kg/m3 (mean, Kg/m³) and ranges from 570 kg/m3 to 650 kg/m3 Displaying a clean natural yellow/straw colour, Siberian Larch will offer a sophisticated look to any project. Siberian larch, which is a straw colour, similar to pine, should not be confused with the European larch growing in Britain, which is a dark pink colour. Unlike European larch, the knots in Siberian larch cladding are a lighter grey colour and tend to stay solid even after drying and machining. For this reason, we tend to favour Siberian larch over British larch for machined timber profiles.

3 Coats of factory UV+ Treatment 


1st coat - 3 in 1: impregnation, priming and stain

  • Protects wood from moisture and provides effective protection against blue stain fungi
  • Reduces the risk of rot when used in conjunction with constructive wood protection measures
  • Increased solids content provides protection against nesting wasps
  • Protective film against mould and algae
  • Breathable
  • Good penetration
  • Subsequent treatment without sanding



      2nd and 3rd coat – UV+ clear stain


      • Weather-resistant and UV-resistant
      • High UV protection for clear UV+
      • Dirt-repellent and easy to maintain
      • Block resistant (in accordance with Code of Practice HO.03)
      • Good flow properties


      High quality - CNC laser cut - 16 gauge steel, E-coated (KTL- electrophoretic dip coating) for ultimate weather resistant. 


      The E-coating process (electrophoretic dip coating) ensures a perfect coating quality also in case of parts with special forms and it ensures ultimate corrosion protection. After pre-treatment parts will be moved into the EC (KTL) tank. The coating will adhere on the part surface on electromechanical way. Parts to be treated are dipped during the EC dip-coating process in waterborne paint with low solids content. Under the DC voltage field between part and counter electrode, solid parts in the EC bath will be separated on the part.  Afterwards in the baking-process the added lacquer is baked at a temperature of approximately 120°C-180°C. The coating-thickness of the lacquer applied onto the work piece in our process adds up to between 10 µm and 15 µm. The coating layer merges with the surface of the object into a homogeneous, compact surface film.


      Material related benefits

      • Coated objects have a ultimate corrosion- and erosion-resistance
      • Objects are resistant against acids and alkaline solutions
      • The lacquer is shockproof, thus more beautiful for a long period of time
      • The objects are evenly coated
      • Even geometrically complex objects can be coated homogeneously



      • additional protection against corrosion protecting the screw against changing weather conditions
      • perfect match to the colour of metal sheet UV-stabilizers guarantees consistent colour
      • UV-stabilizers guarantees consistent colour
      • modern technology of Powder.coat painting ensures durability of the coat during installation and long service life


      • modern shape of the head with TX-20 recess gives aesthetic look to the connection 
      • It adapts perfectly to the surface of a fixture 
      • design of the underside of the head is closely fitted to shape of the profiled washer


      • key basic protection against corrosion 
      • zinc coating thickness of 20 microns guarantees high quality 
      • our own modern galvanizing plant ensures the highest quality of protective coating against corrosion


      • specially designed self-drilling tip ETANCO Drill.point
      • optimum plate drilling in a short time
      • protective layer of zinc coating does not peel during sheet drilling
      • drillability 2 x 1.0 mm


      • european manufacturer of fasteners & systems for the envelope of the buildings 
      • the ETANCO products can be easily identified through their characteristic marking 
      • strict production control carried out by the in-house laboratory guarantees high quality products
      • each production batch is assigned a unique number, which allows its precise identification 
      • all our products have valid reference documents developed in collaboration with renowned research institutes


      • special shape of aluminumwasher ensures properplacement of the EPDM on thesurface of the fixed element. 
      • material of the washer providesextra resistance againstcorrosion during use


      • made of the best sealing material – EPDM 
      • does not lose its elasticity during use, material with a very long ageing period 
      • resistant to changing weather conditions and UV radiation 
      • self-vulcanizes on the sheet after installation forming a tight-connection 
      • retains its mechanical properties in range oftemperatures -50oC do +100oC


      • shape of the thread optimally matched to theconstruction of roof truss, ensuring the higheststrength parameters


      Installation guidelines

      • fastener installation should always be perpendicular to the structure 
      • fastener installation should be done by using a screwdriver equipped with adjustable clutch or embedding depth stop,
      • during installation of the fastener, you should follow all recommended parameters for the type of fastener, 
      • any modification of fasteners, including clipping, is not allowed, 
      • in the event of any damage to the anticorrosion coating, defects must be secured (touched up) 
      •  for installation of fasteners coated with paint it is recommended to use only spring sockets.